Zhoukou Normal University, founded in 1973, is a 4-year institution, which is approved by the State Ministry of Education, providing higher learning under the direct jurisdiction of Henan Provincial People’s Government. It offers an undergraduate education committed to academic excellence and aims to train teachers for basic education and senior specialized personnel for economic development.

The University is situated in the Chuanhui District of Zhoukou City, which is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization and has a long history with a rich cultural heritage. In this historic place ancient Chinese civilization originated: where Fu Xi, the Chinese ancestor, settled, and Lao-tzu, the founder of Taoism, was born.

At present, the campus covers an area of 249 acres with a floorage of 474,107 square meters. The total assets of teaching equipment and facilities are valued at 130 million RMB. Its library contains 1,224,000 volumes of books in more than 2,000 categories of Chinese and foreign periodicals. It includes a database mirroring the China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database and full-text indexing database with more than 5,000 categories of academic journals. Zhoukou Normal University also has 96 campus laboratories and training bases, plus 2 key laboratories.

 Zhoukou Normal University consists of 5 colleges, 9 departments and 2 Public Education departments and offers 45 undergraduate disciplines covering arts, science, engineering, law, history, education, management, economics and fine arts. The university is comprised of five colleges: College of Foreign Languages, College of Computer Science and Technology, College of Physical Education, College of Music and Dance, and College of Fine Arts. ZNU has nine departments: Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Politics and Law, Department of Mathematics and Information Science, Department of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Department of Life Science, Department of Education Science, Department of Economic Management and Department of Journalism. There are 2 Public Education Departments are: Department of Public Theory of Education, and the Department of Public Fine Arts Education and Occupational Skills Education. There are 4 jointly running Masters Programs with Zhengzhou University: Ideological and Political Education, Analytical Chemistry, Fundamental Mathematics, and Botany. At present, Zhoukou Normal University possesses 1 state-level characteristic discipline, 5 province-level characteristic disciplines, 9 province-level excellent courses and 11 province-level fine courses.

Currently, the number of students enrolled in Zhoukou Normal University is 19,400. The university has more than 1300 full-time faculty members, among which 292 are full professors and associate professors; 699 are PhD and Master’s degree holders. In addition, the University also has six foreign teachers, 2 national outstanding teachers, 10 Henan Province outstanding teachers and 58 experts separately holding the titles of Henan Province Innovative Talents, provincial mainstay teachers and technical senior scholars. Sister school relationships have been established and exchanges have also been implemented with some colleges and universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Australia and Taiwan Province.

 Zhoukou Normal University pays great attention to research work as well as education. It has achieved steady development in this field. Since 2010, the university received 6 national scientific research projects and 136 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects. At the same time, 2570 academic papers, 18 books and 761 teaching research papers have been published. The Journal of Zhoukou Normal University has been issued at home and abroad.

Currently, the number of students enrolled in the Department of English Language is over 1,700. Native speakers of English are badly needed to teach such courses as Oral English, British & American Literature, Composition, Society & Culture of English Speaking Countries, Extensive Reading, methodology, general linguistics, and phonetics.

The workload is 18-20 hours each week, with a monthly salary of 7,000 Yuan (about US$1130) for PhD holders and 5500 Yuan (about US$887) for non-PhD holders, which is about 2 times the amount of their Chinese counterparts and guarantees a quite comfortable life at the university. The monthly cost of living for the local people is about US$60 per month.

In addition to the salary, the university will provide each foreign teacher with round-trip fares of 12,000 Yuan in cash upon their service for a whole year, a free pickup at the Zhengzhou International Airport, a free furnished private apartment on campus with air-conditioning, an annual traveling allowance of 2200 Yuan and a number of other amenities. The furnished housing includes: two bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen with all cooking utensils, a bathroom with a water heater, a computer with free Internet service, a TV set, a refrigerator and a washing machine.

If you are interested in the teaching positions at Zhoukou Normal University, please contact Mr. Li Bingshen or Mr. Li Ke for additional information and send your resume to him.

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